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Information LED Display80 & 120 cm cross


LED Lighting Manufacturer Passenger Information Display Information LED Display

CP-80GR-D (Green /Red)

Information Display Board LED Bus Display Solar Brick Supplier

CP-80GB-D (Green /Blue)

Full Color Video Wall LED Banner Display Multiline LED Displays

CP-120GR-D(Green /Red)


Technical Spec.

Color of the display

Inner Display: Red or Blue   Outer Display: Green

Display Size (H* W* D)

80cm x 80cm x12cm;120cm x 120cm x 12cm

Net Weight (kg)

20 KG (80 x 80 cm), 34 KG (120 x 120 cm)

Gross Weight (kg)

25 KG (80 x 80 cm), 40 KG (120 x 120 cm)

Power Consumption (max.)

320 W (80 x 80 cm/120 x 120 cm) Double Sided

Control Way

By PC through RS-232/RS-422 cable with Giantek's software , operated under Windows. Temperature Sensor Included.


Giantek's Windows software attached.

Inner Display functions

Alphanumerics, Reverse, Moving, Static, Flashing, Scrolling, Sliding, Dimmer control..etc

Outer Display functions

Animation, Flashing, Horizontal Rotation, Vertical Rotation, Circling, ..etc


GPS Antenna, Holder (Bracket), Wireless module.

Detailed Drawing For Example: 800 x 800 mm

Passenger Information Display LED GPS Clock LED Lighting Manufacturer


Solar Brick SupplierPassenger Information Display


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