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Look around your city, there』s pharmacy everywhere. Pharmacy stores already became a part of our life, not only for health care but also for articles of daily use. There』re more and more pharmacy stores opening how your customers can find you in the big city? Giantek present you our  newly display-  LED Pharmacy Cross Display.

The LED Pharmacy Cross Display is a very attractive product which can tell the customers and the whole city where you are. It is also a good product which can be seen from a great distance and provide you a perfect communication through the alphanumeric or graphic display. It will become an indispensable tool for a modern pharmacy.

It is not only a bright sign, but a display that allows you to communicate with your customers and the citizenship. It has many advantages comparing to the neon crosses, such as more visible, information, attractive, professional, brightness…. Therefore it can turn into a media tool to provide a service of public interest and becomes an important point of reference in the city panorama.


LED Pharmacy Cross


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